Why Prayer Training?

Prayer Current Equips Christians and Churches through PRAYER TRAINING 

There is a deep desire among Christians to learn how to pray. Believers in Christ want to experience God in a deeply personal way. They want to participate, not just to be spectators. Yet resources are few. Ministers are trained in preaching, not in prayer. Only 16% of ministers are very satisfied with their personal prayer lives. At the church level, the priority of prayer is only a trickle. Less than one out of 25 churches listed prayer as one of their top three ministry priorities. The result is individuals and churches surviving on parched prayer or no prayer. 

Prayer Current moves to water this drought in training Christians and churches in prayer. Prayer Current invites Christians to immerse their inner life and faith in the immediate presence of God. Prayer Current trains believers to navigate the journey of life through prayer. This river of prayer flows out from the cloister of the church into the culture. The simple and profound prayer of Jesus is filled with living waters that flow out from the praying heart, refreshing and renewing the family, workplace and culture of those who pray.

Prayer Training Resources

What Difference is Prayer Current Prayer Training Making?

“Kingdom-centered prayer is a battlefield. To grow and mature in prayer warfare we need the Spirit’s urging and guidance. We also seek intercessors who stand with us encouraging and opening our understanding to the truths of Scripture. John Smed and his team enter this arena with humility, wisdom and confidence. They teach prayer through praxis, a process of praying with reflection. They explore biblical content on prayer and then apply it immediately in small group praying. As a result praxis becomes an ongoing process of listening to God through the Word, reflecting on its implications, and responding in joyful prayer.”  

Allen Thompson,
International Church Planting Center, and Founding Director of Global Cities, 
Redeemer Church, New York

“Before I came to Prayer Current training, in all the years I had been in ministry, no one really taught me how to pray. No one knew how to teach me to pray this way. Through the training, including prayer vision retreats and prayer walking, I just grew a love and passion for prayer. Then as I pray and begin to see things happen, I see God’s faithfulness and I see what this is what He's called me to do. It’s been fascinating watching our prayer training group applying the gospel as they’re praying. They’re saying ‘I’m praying so much bigger and wider than I’ve ever prayed before. At the same time, I’m going so much deeper with God, I’m sharing my faith, and I’m expecting to see things happen.’ You can see ‘Aha!’ moments all over!” 
Rohan Crown, Church Planter, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

“Prayer for the City Bootcamp for Urban Mission has both vision and practical tools, with an excellent kingdom focus. Most training only focuses on one area.” 
Workshop participant

“Prayer for the City Bootcamp for Urban Mission combines the eschatologically urgent need/mandate for prayer combined with very practical steps to teach us to pray.” 
Workshop participant

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