Our Values

1.  We believe in the transforming power of prayer

We become what we pray.

Through prayer, God’s Spirit connects us with his passions, and fills us with his power to live out his purposes and plans in the world.

We pray our way forward in following God’s lead and obeying Jesus’ Great Commission in our ministry.

2.  We navigate our life and ministry through prayer

We are what we pray.

Prayer is the DNA of our vision, mission and operation.

We foster a culture of prayer both internal and external to our organization.

3.  Prayer is both Genesis and Catalyst for the journey of faith and life

Faith in God the Father starts with prayer, grows in prayer, and deepens in prayer.

We aim to introduce truth seekers in a journey of prayer to find God.

We teach Christians to go deeper in prayer, the gospel, and mission.

4. Prayer moves from the closet into the culture

Prayer makes us city-soluble.

Prayer flows from the private centre of one’s heart communion with God into the public realm, transforming day to day work, relationships, and community.

Drawing courage and hope through a praying life, we lose fear of the city and learn to love and serve her with grace and justice. 

Our Distinct Personality

1. Urban & City Soluble

We pray for city dwellers and the city itself to experience salvation and transformation through prayer.

2. Purposeful

We pray to help people with good maps and guidance in their prayer journeys to the heart of God, who is the ultimate final destination.

3. Expansive (Explore -> Examine -> Engage -> Evolve)

We pray to equip both seekers and believers to go deeper in relationship with God through prayer, one stretch at a time – ankle deep, to knee deep, to waist deep, and then fully immersed and carried by the spirit of prayer.

4. Mindful & Discerning

We pray to awaken and catalyze a renewing of the mind of seekers and believers through honest, thoughtful, relevant and respectful communication and training at all times.

5. Experienced Navigators

We pray to lead with prayer integrity, to be practising prayer in our own lives, so that we may share wisely time-tested tools to help people navigate through the currents of our contemporary culture.    

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