Prayer Current helps people navigate life through prayer. Whether someone is just entering the waters or is an experienced traveler, from seekers to Christian leaders, Prayer Current provides inspiration and practical tools to grow in prayer, and to “pray it forward” by helping grow others in prayer. Designed for life in the city and for personal or church use, Prayer Current resources engage people in a balance of reflection, interaction, study, actual prayer practice and mission.

Resources for Church Leaders

This video is a sample of our Prayer Training workshop:

Resources for Spiritual Seekers Exploring Faith and Prayer

Why is Prayer Mission so needed today?

Today there is an undercurrent of thirst for spiritual experience. Prayer is a common current to all faiths and is a bridge to the seeker. Prayer Current provides resources to help you respond to this universal openness to prayer. If you are a seeker, our resources will help you in your explorations to experience God as your Father. If you are a Christian, our resources will help you invite people to experience God firsthand by teaching them how to pray.

What is Prayer Mission? Prayer Mission is simply connecting seekers and engaging them directly with God through prayer. It involves prayingfor seekers, teaching seekers how to pray, and praying directly withseekers to introduce them to Jesus. 


  • Prayer Mission: Resources for seekers exploring faith and prayer
  • Prayer Training: Resources for Christian leaders wanting to train others in prayer or build a praying mission or ministry