Prayer Training Event Planning Questionnaire

We’re encouraged to hear of your heart to influence others in prayer by asking for a Prayer Current speaker/trainer to come address your group. The following questionnaire will help us to better understand the focus for your desired conference/event. Complete as best as you can at this point in your planning; it is simply a starting point for our dialogue and planning as we prayerfully consider together how our gifts and calling can accomplish what you believe God intends for your event. Thanks for your responses. 


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Lay Leaders
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Please answer:
  • Contact Person and Contact info
  • Initiating Committee/Group/Church
  • Location

Objectives and Vision

  • How did you learn about Prayer Current?
  • Does the priority emphasis you feel of your audience needs and desires match our mission? Prayer Current seeks to help spiritual seekers find God through prayer, and to train Christians, church planters, mission leaders and churches to be a people of prayer, and ultimately the house of prayer that Jesus declares them to be. YES  NO
  • What are your overall goals/objectives for this conference/event?
  • What are your immediate follow up plans with participants after the conference/event?
  • What do you hope to see transpiring six months after the conference/event as a direct result of what happens at the conference/event?
  • More specifically what do you hope to accomplish as a result of Prayer Current’s ministry with you? In other words, why is our involvement appropriate for this conference/event in light of your stated objectives? Besides speaking and guiding prayer responses, are there other ministry activities you expect to be provided?


  • Proposed Date
  • Proposed Schedule (Days/Nights) (Check off Fri. Night, Sat. Morning, Sat. Afternoon, Sat. Evening, Sun. morning)
  • How much time will be given in total?
    • There needs to be sufficient time included for prayer practice to respond to messages.
    • Are you willing to make adjustments in the schedule to allow for such seasons of prayer so as to not diminish John’s speaking times?
    • For the event itself, please list the message theme(s), position in the event schedule, the length of time for each message you’re asking from John?
    • Are there any other speakers involved? YES NO
      • If so, how many?
      • What topics will they be asked to cover?
      • Will our speaker be addressing the entire audience in his sessions? If not, explain.


  • How many churches/groups do you anticipate participating?
  • How many participants do you anticipate attending?
    • Pastors?
    • Lay Leaders?
    • Seekers?
  • What are your reasons for estimating this number?
  • What recruitment strategies are you engaging to draw people to the event?
  • Are you willing to get your leaders involved in promotion and recruiting for this event?  YES   NO
  • If this conference/event draws primarily from local constituencies, have you asked participating pastors and key leaders to consult their calendars to be sure the dates selected do not conflict with other major events or activities?    YES     NO
  • Could there be an opportunity arranged for John to meet separately with pastors and other key leaders — to discuss, strategize and pray with them as leaders about issues related to the overall vision of the Prayer Current’s mission and to ways they might want to pursue this together? YES     NO
  • If YES, please explain what you see happening in such a leaders’ meeting:
  • Could there be an opportunity arranged for John to speak at a session intended for evangelism and outreach?

Host Provisions

  • Have you read the Host Provision List? YES NO
  • Are you prepared to meet the following needs?
    • Generate prayer support YES NO
    • Provide location, meeting space & room needs (facility, technology, table) YES NO
    • Arrange food & refreshment (snacks/breaks and meals) YES NO
    • Generate adequate advertising & promotion YES NO
    • Provide speaker accommodations (hotel or billet) YES NO
      • Provide office supply needs (photocopies, flip charts, markers) YES NO
      • Recruit volunteers YES NO
      • Provide costs (honourarium, transportation reimbursement, materials fee per person) YES NO

If you have further questions or comments, please include them also.

Once we have reviewed the questionnaire, John will be back in touch with you immediately. If you need to hear from him by a specific date, please list that here:

If you have further questions, please contact us.