Current Impact 

  • International

  • CUBA: Invest in Pastors Leading Conversions & Rapid Church Growth 

    Many are coming to Christ, with numerous enrolling immediately in training. God is blessing the work of multiplying leaders and churches. What began with 40 pastors in November 2011, is now in its eight generation of training, reaching over 6000 pastors, 18 training centres, 50 local churches, and 500 trainers! We have been asked to donate our materials, provide initial prayer training on-site in Cuba, and be available for follow up visits and training. Hostility toward the Church in Cuba has refined it, causing believers to depend radically upon God. Leaders and house churches are hungry for discipleship. God has opened a door for Prayer Current to help equip the Cuban people through a partnership with Dr. Allen Thompson and the International Church Planting Center, by invitation of the Los Pinos denomination. 
  • Our leader training materials are currently being translated into Spanish for training in Cuba this September. We are donating printing and training costs for 1000 pastors who are poor and will only pay a few dollars. As these manuals normally cost $30 each, our donation is $30,000 to the Cuban people. We rejoice in this. At the same time, we have invested a good deal of work getting the materials ready. We are contributing our travel costs, training time in Cuba, and followup. 



    In GERMANY, believing and unbelieving, still have religious instruction in school, so the Lord’s Prayer is familiar. Most evangelical churches, still include praying it during their services. Even unchurched cultural atheists know and relate to the idea of “religious ritual” and would find it interesting to know more. 

    A church planter receiving training in New York writes, “I would like to use the prayer books you introduced with my launch team and core group. But I need to translate it to use it. Would there be an interest to publish it in German?" 

    Meanwhile in Vancouver, one of our alumni in Vancouver already began translation several months earlier.

    Pray for our translation work to be complete and distributed in God's timing. In progress are German, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, and Spanish.

    North America


VANCOUVER: Missionfest 2016 led the way to many conversations and prayers at our booth. At our packed out "God in the Conversation" workshop, we saw people's clear hunger and heart to share Jesus with their friends. We thank God for the encouraging dialogue, tears, laughter, and prayers to see open doors to bring God into the conversation with our seeker friends and family.

Pray for the seeds of conversation to grow and multiply lasting fruit, where men, women, and children come to know Jesus in prayer.

CANADA: Response to our new Building Dynamic Prayer Friendships has been heartening, as we launched it in Hamilton, Ontario recently. Plans are underway to launch the training in Vancouver as a 1 day kickstart, followed up by a 10 week intensive training.

This prayer evangelism training is a way to make the most of people's universal openness to prayer as they thirst for meaning, connection, and even spiritual experience. We equip believers to pray pray with seekers as a tangible way to genuinely engage and care for seekers. Join the Vancouver training here.

SOUTH CAROLINA: A training conference in the Southern US last fall yielded the raising up of a key leader with the vision for revival by training people in kingdom prayer. Tim Hanley writes, "Kingdom prayer training was the best prayer training I've ever received in growing churches as houses of prayer for all nations. The materials are challenging and powerful. This has been life transforming for me, and has impacted many others. I had lost hope of ever seeing the church in our area catch on fire in prayer, but the Lord has renewed my hope with pastors in the area now praying about bringing this training into their churches. Praise God!" 

Pray for the leaders and churches who are leading Prayer for the City Bootcamps throughout South Carolina, for hearts to be renewed, and lives re-oriented to and empowered by the expansive priorities of Jesus' kingdom. 


God is at work calling the young to Himself. Revival history recounts how often students are at the heart of change. From building into Aboriginal youth, to investing in university students who will be tomorrow's leaders, God is giving us opportunities to train the next generation in prayer. 

Pray for the students and staff of Power to Change - Students whom we trained at their national staff conference. Pray for the reality and foundation of dynamic prayer to be restored to this campus ministry strong in their call to evangelism. 

Pray for the Junior and Senior class we trained at Millar Bible College (Salmon Arm, BC) through 20 hours of prayer training in one week. God brought the students from self-admittedly inward focused prayers to praying for Canada. Several are asking us to hep them become intercessors for Christ. 

Pray for the Aboriginal youth of Hobbema First Nations in Alberta to find hope in Jesus and his power through prayer to face the countless obstacles to their future. (Imagine having a funeral in your community every week. Sadly this is not an imagination game, and is the reality of Hobbema, where they experience the loss of one each week, often a despairing youth vulnerable to abuse, neglect, molestation, addictions, gang violence, suicice, or murder.) Pray for hope to grow, from the seeds we planted during a mission trip recently to impart tools, teaching, prayer, and relationships for the future of these dear children.