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Pray it open or Pry it open?

- Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pray it open or Pry it open?

When God opens a door the real fun begins.  Why? Nothing strengthens faith like watching God at work.   Paul the apostle prays for God to ‘open a door’ he wants to enter into the very work of God.  He has tried to the door open.  All the excitement is gone- replaced by anxiety. 

“When faith begins, anxiety ends.  When anxiety begins, faith ends.” George Mueiler

My time with the director of an international mission, starts with a morning of prayer for one another.  God opens a door for further talks about how to partner in prayer.  This was my hope all along- but I resolved to let God open the door.   “That was easy',   I think   Where to from here?    A door opened by prayer- how do we ‘pray it forward’ from here.

Early one morning, a few days later, I prayer walk along Central park. I am preparing to meet with another  leader.  The day starts with a firm prayer resolve to gently knock but not pry any door open.  “Lord, let me be willing to walk away with no more than a friendly visit.”  What happens? 

A door opens- wide.  I have intensive dialogue with this friend and a number of  key leaders. We have unusual freedom to discuss prayer strategy for this network.  There is ’wide-eyed’ openness and enthusiasm on all sides.

A good start for sure. ‘What’s next?” Time to worry? Time to wait?  “Lord, you open doors that no one can shut.  Give me eyes to see and celebrate you at work.

Let’s suppose I pry the door open.  What then?  I might still be where God wants me to be.  Only I will not enjoy watching him open the door.   If I make it happen, I will never know if God is at work.  ‘Pray it open’ and I can cry ‘Encore!’  again and again God reveals his good purpose. 

“I cry out to God who fulfills his plan and purpose for me” Psalm 57:2

Paul encourages us to “prove the will of God”(Romans 12:2).  When we pray until a door is open, we wait in confidence and patience until his will- his good and acceptable and perfect will becomes clear.   Having ‘prayed it open’ we can ‘pray it forward’ with confidence.  Seeing him at work, we know we ask what is pleasing to him. 

Thanks for reading friends, John

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